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Ninety three percent of students who pay in full go on to complete their degree programs.

Only 58% of students who opt for a payment plan go on to finish.

Those who pay in full are more committed to completing their program because they have already paid for it.

It’s all about commitment.


Bachelor’s Degree
Tuition Investment: $5,389 – $3,000 Scholarship = $2,389
Payment Plan: 12 Months at $247

Master’s Degree
Tuition Investment: $6,389 – $3,000 Scholarship = $3,389
Payment Plan: 12 Months at 327

Doctoral Degree
Tuition Investment: $7,389 – $3,000 Scholarship = $4,389
Payment Plan: 12 Months at 397

  • We offer a 12 month pay plan
  • We also offer discounts for combined degree programs
  • The cost of books and study materials in in addition to tuition
  • The $98 membership fee is in addition to tuition.

Did you know…

  • …that 90% or 90 cents of every tuition dollar paid to traditional colleges and universities is expended for unnecessary employees, unnecessary bureaucracy, tenured professors, excessive administration, unused buildings, and athletic departments?
  • …that renowned management educator, Peter Drucker, predicted ten years ago that it was only a matter of a few years before internet education would replace traditional residential education?
  • …he wrote that most campus buildings would be sitting empty, and yet, university administrators continue to build campus buildings and raise tuition rates.

Did you know…

  • …the existence of federal student loan programs actually increases the cost of education to a point where $1 trillion dollars of student loans are outstanding and unpaid?
  • …an education bubble now exists which will inevitably burst.

Did you know…

  • …of the low tuition paid by students to UPS, 90% goes for your education directly and only 10% for administration?
  • …the crisis in unpaid federal student loans is caused by the failure of traditional colleges and universities to operate efficiently and serve students?

Traditional colleges and universities fail to offer educational programs that work best for students.

Instead, they offer programs for their own convenience and pleasure. Student education is not the priority; maintaining the educational bureaucracy and cushy jobs at taxpayer and student expense is.

Did you know…

  • …that if you compress the normal amount of time spent in the classroom at a traditional school of higher education into work-day weeks, a student would earn a bachelor’s degree in 6 months?

Why, then does it takes 4 years for a bachelor’s degree, a year for a master’s degree, and 2 or 3 years for a PhD?

Because tenured professors, fat-cat university administrators, athletic departments, and the entire administrative structure of U. S. Higher Education serves itself not students.